Some things about Moonlit Marionette

Mission Statement

I am a creative, caring gamer girl with a passion to inspire creativity in readers by talking about all stages of crafting. I also want to make the world a brighter place through spreading knowledge on social causes, charities and Random Acts of Kindness.

How to use this website

There a section on this site that cover all things crafting from buy your supplies to selling your wares at craft fairs or online. I hope to inspire you to do more crafting with weekly challenges, and monthly tutorials. I also want to bring more good stuff to the world so you will see a section for just charities and Random Acts of Kindness. Look there for an uplift in your mood if you are feeling low.

About me

Hello! I am Marianne the Marionette in Moonlit Marionette. :D I work full time as a Quality Assurance Tester and I love that job. However I have been making jewelry and doing craft fairs for years. Besides, crafting and testing, I love going to gaming and pop culture conventions (Like GenCon and Comicon) There I met the creator of the Zombies!!! Game and started helping out at their booth demoing games and play testing the games before they were released. I am currently working on my own board game. In the future I would like to go to conventions and do panels about Testing and Play testing and game creation. I live in Central Ohio with my husband and two cats. Dexter and Chiyo-chan.