Some things about Moonlit Marionette

Mission Statement

I am a creative, caring gamer girl with a passion to inspire creativity in readers by talking about all stages of crafting. I also want to make the world a brighter place through spreading knowledge on social causes, charities and Random Acts of Kindness.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

My mom, Rosemary Dean, was a healthy vegetarian, always brushed her teeth for two minutes in the morning and the night. We would go to the park or go shopping every weekend, and we would talk on the phone every day.

Then last year, 2015 she started not feeling well. She would get full quickly, she would have acid reflux, she had constant bloating, and she was tired all the time. We went from doctor to doctor trying to find the fix to make mom better. Finally after a scan they found she had an ovarian cyst. When we went to the hospital for surgery we weren’t thinking cancer, but it was. That was June.

We never gave up hope. Mom never complained, even through the horrible chemo cycles she had to endure.

We lost mom December 31, 2015. 6 months later, she was 66. In February 2016, I joined the OCAO for some way to help. So here I am helping the OCAO, get the information out there, know the symptoms, know your body! If just one person sees this and takes early action, then I will have done my part. I don’t want anyone else to lose their mom from Ovarian Cancer.

About me

Hello! I am Marianne the Marionette in Moonlit Marionette. :D I work full time as a Quality Assurance Tester and I love that job. However I have been making jewelry and doing craft fairs for years. Besides, crafting and testing, I love going to gaming and pop culture conventions (Like GenCon and Comicon) There I met the creator of the Zombies!!! Game and started helping out at their booth demoing games and play testing the games before they were released. I am currently working on my own board game. In the future I would like to go to conventions and do panels about Testing and Play testing and game creation. I live in Central Ohio with my husband and two cats. Dexter and Chiyo-chan.

How to use this website

There a section on this site that cover all things crafting from buy your supplies to selling your wares at craft fairs or online. I hope to inspire you to do more crafting with weekly challenges, and monthly tutorials. I also want to bring more good stuff to the world so you will see a section for just charities and Random Acts of Kindness. Look there for an uplift in your mood if you are feeling low.